5 Proven Techniques For Whiter Teeth

Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda


Hydrogen Peroxide and Arm & Hammer baking soda work together to take away any access grit from your teeth and also destroy any dirty enamel that has built up in your teeth and cavities. There is no real “catch” to this method, you simply just mix the 2 ingredients together and use them both as toothpaste for the next time you brush your teeth! You can even use this mixture as a mouthwash. They may not taste the best, but in the end you’ll be very happy that you gave it a try! When it comes to being successful in life, having white teeth is very important, especially during a job interview or anything along those lines. If you are looking to go into law school and be a lawyer, or going into real estate or Mortgage services, white teeth will sure help you win over a large majority of your customers as it shows that you care about your appearance!

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