5 Proven Techniques For Whiter Teeth

A lot of foods have been proven to leave stains on teeth. While you certainly do not have to stop eating these foods all together, it is a good idea to limit how much you eat or drink per day because they can have a harmful effect on your teeth and can slow down the process of teeth whitening over time. At times, your insurance company may cover teeth whitening agents. However, that is not always promised. Aside from tobacco products, here is a list of a few foods and drinks that can cause your teeth to be stained:

They may be good, but they aren’t good for ya!

Blueberries: Although blueberries are are a very healthy fruit they can often cause a blue stain on your teeth if you eat a certain amount of them without brushing shortly after.
Wine: Red wines are often the cause of yellow teeth throughout the general population today. A Little glass here and there won’t do any harm but make sure to brush your teeth after drinking it because it is essential step if you want to prevent your teeth from staining permanently.
Tea: Unfortunately, as much as we love our tea it can cause very noticeable yellowing on the teeth.
Coffee: We know that you love your cup of coffee in the morning however as much as we hate to say it, a cup of coffee a day can lead to very poor teeth if you do not have good hygiene, the caffeine will build up on your teeth and cause teeth staining.
Energy Drinks: Energy drinks have many chemicals that are used to give your body the endurance you need to go through your day however they have ginseng which is a very strong ingredient and can lead to teeth yellowing and evening tooth decay if consumed over a long period of time with improper hygiene.

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